Ant Scott coined the term Glitch Art in 2001, created the first website devoted to visual glitches [1] and presented at the first international glitch-themed conference, held in Oslo the following year [2]. He edited the first coffee table book on glitch aesthetics [3].

[1] (12 July 2001 –)

[2] Glitch Festival and Symposium, Oslo (11 – 13 January 2002).
Curated by Per Platou and Amanda Steggell.

[3] Glitch: Designing Imperfection
Mark Batty Publisher, New York. (09/09/09)


My first exposure to visual glitch aesthetics was in 1984, when I wrote a piece of software (in Motorola 6809 assembly language, for those with nerd credentials) that scrolled through the RAM on my Dragon 32 home computer and displayed the data as coloured pixels on the TV screen. 0.22 centuries later, the original software was exhumed to produce the Chroma and Warp series of images.

On the 12th of July 2001 I rekindled my love of glitch art and started this website, which was initially a blog. The frequent glitch art updates were derived from deliberately crashing software, data visualization and general digital abuse. Up until 2005, all images were purely digital.

By 2005, I had become dissatisfied with the aesthetic limitations of digital images and started making black-and-white photographic exposures from glitch source material. The most successful pieces employed my flat panel photogram technique to create exposures directly from glitched animations on the computer screen, such as Generatives and Skyscrapers.

In 2011, after a three year hiatus, I stopped using computer assistance entirely. Since then, I've produced pieces which aim to distill the essence of glitch aesthetics using physical materials.


08 JUN - 28 JUL 2013; Glitch Moment/ums; Furtherfield Gallery; London
22 FEB 2013; Screening of untitled; Vector: Game + Art Convergence; Toronto
11-12 NOV 2011; GLI.TC/H Amsterdam
03-06 NOV 2011; GLI.TC/H Chicago
02-07 NOV 2010; Smart Mistakes; Share Festival; Italy
29 SEP - 3 OCT 2010; GLI.TC/H; Chicago. [image]
16 MAY - 7 JUN 2009; Glitch Art joint exhibition; Karlshamns Konsthall, Sweden [-- 1 --] [-- 2 --]
10 MAR 2006; Gallery1F exhibition; Format Fetish
DEC 2005 - JAN 2006; Glitch Browser; Installation, collaboration with Dimitre Lima, Iman Moradi; New Langton Arts, San Francisco
09 NOV 2005; Online retrospective exhibition; Digital Detritus; VAGUE TERRAIN 1.0; Toronto
07 MAY 2005; Glitch:Aesthetics exhibition; Dean Clough Gallery; Halifax, UK
OCT 2004; Glitch entropy net art; collaboration with Manuel Razzari
30 APR - 30 MAY 2004; Joint exhibition; The Arches Theatre Glasgow, UK; curated by Machinista 2004


FEB 2013; MPDVision AW 14/15; Skyscraper #04 in article Digi-Punk on fashion trends
FEB 2012: The Distorted Truth in Glitch; author Robert Urquart; Stylus
NOV 2011; Image in The Glitch Moment(um); Rosa Menkman
OCT 2011; Cover art for Noise Channels: Glitch and Error in Digital Cultures by Peter Krapp; University of Minnesota Press
APR 2011; Image in article by Jeff Donaldson for ArtPulse Magazine
NOV 2009; Interview by Greg J. Smith; Serial Consign
OCT 2009; Frontis image from Repetitive Beats; Vague Terrain; .microsound issue
OCT 2009; Image and text, Pitch on Glitch; Amusement magazine No. 6; [French]
SEP 2009; GLITCH: Designing Imperfection (Hardback) Concept, Editor, Curator. Mark Batty Publisher, NY
FEB 2009; O.K. Periodicals magazine Issue 2: Failure
JAN 2009; EASI magazine (Portugese)
JUL 2008; Interview by Miguel Leal; vector e-zine: #06 Errors and Glitches
MAR 2008; Elle Decor magazine (Italian)
2007; "Primitive Operation" print as background prop in Glitch; Sync Picture Films; dir. Trevor Fernando
DEC 2007; neural magazine, Issue 28 - Data Error
MAR 2007; Computer Music magazine
JAN 2007; Image BX-413 in Swarm Forms: On Platforms and Creativity; Olga Goriunova; pub. Mute vol.2 no.4
NOV 2004; Interview and essay by Jonas Downey; Glitch Art; University of Illinois
JUL 2004; Interview by Martin Wisniowski of
JUN 2003; SALON-MAGAZINE v3.0 book+DVD; Soni+Glitch; interview [Japanese/English]


06 MAY 2006; Brighton Festival; Underclear at B.A.G., live visuals with Voltek
27 AUG 2005; VJ set with U-Sun + Slow Sound System (DJ); Foundry, London
23 OCT 2004; NEW BLEEP 8; Visuals for Florian Hecker (Mego); George Tavern, London
26 MAR 2004; Bitsplitters; 291 Gallery London
06 MAR 2004; Ether 2004; co-vj with New Bleep Collective; DJ: Mira Calix (Warp); Royal Festival Hall, London
25 OCT 2003; NEW BLEEP 7; visuals; London
08 AUG 2003; NEW BLEEP 6; visuals for Russell Haswell; 291 Gallery; London
06 JUN 2003; NEW BLEEP 5; visuals; 291 Gallery; London
20 MAR 2003; Suppose; visuals; Computational Artforms; Maze, Nottingham
8 MAR 2003; Warp Records vs London Sinfonietta; Ether Festival; video; Royal Festival Hall, London
JAN 2003; Plug and Play;; visuals for Cedric Pin; Public Life, London
DEC 2002; Plug and Play;; Public Life, London
DEC 2002; Goldfish; video; London
NOV 2002; Interplay Festival - Berlin/London collaboration with Jan Jelinek; Spitz, London
18 APR 2002; Sprawl; Collaboration with Kim Cascone; video; visuals; Global Cafe, London


01 APR 2008; Future Karaoke; Gramophone Bar, London
30-31 MAY 2003; READ_ME 2.3; Software Art Festival; talk + visuals; Helsinki
11-13 JAN 2002; Glitch Festival and Symposium; Motherboard; Oslo Art Academy, Norway


Dr Kenneth Knowlton invented the BEFLIX bitmap animation programming language at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1963. He kindly gave me his blessing to use the domain beflix for this site, but naturally, no endorsement of the content is implied.