BEYOND YES AND NO [Lost or destroyed]
June 2013
25mm x 100m
Acrylic on cotton
Prototype winding

This is the second large-scale winding installation, at the Glitch Momentums show in London. This time, I could travel and install the 100m of cotton tape in person. I created a sturdy frame from industrial shelving uprights, and employed sewage pipe sections on the sides so the tape would wind smoothly without kinks.

I prepared the plain white cotton tape by boiling it to remove the factory surface treatment and allow paint to adhere properly. The gallery installation was different to my prototype winding (bottom photo) because, despite the boiling process, the tape stretched after the first winding, which I did not forsee.

The idea is that two-dimensional images we see on our digital devices are stored as one-dimensional arrays of numbers. The black-and-white markings represent binary data, and the tape is the linear organisation of this data. The final two-dimensional form will depend upon the width of the rendering surface around which the tape is wound.

I tried to track down where this piece ended up, without success, so it has probably been destroyed, and deservedly so.