A selection of VJ stills

I imaginatively call my VJ softwares BX, BX2, BX3 etc, and the date when first performed live is given. Since 2003 everything has been audio-reactive in some way.

I fell into VJing by accident, when microsound guru Kim Cascone asked if I'd do some glitch visuals for his tour. Of course, I had no idea what to do, and naively programmed some mashed-up flickering visuals. Anyway, although I prefer the still image to animation, I'm really glad I've kept my hand in, so to speak, because now I use my VJ software to make photographic prints in my flat panel photogram technique.

BX9 - May 2006

Themes: fatal accidents, murder, terrorism

BX9 old version - October 2004

Theme: digital and organic textures

BX8 - August 2004

Theme: growth and decay

BX6 - March 2004

Theme: fragmentation

BX5 - October 2003

Theme: people concentrating hard

BX3 - March 2003

Theme: flow

BX2 - November 2002

Theme: workers operating machines, machines operating workers

BX - April 2002

Themes: computer memory, obsolete hardware