BLOG 06/2002

Check out an object lesson in how to make a terrifying
book cover design - click RADIATION in the orange zone.
I've got a thing about radiation - a lot of the images I
used in my mega-fame-inducing VJ stint were of nuclear
power stations (scary big domes!) and scientists with
Geiger counters. Sometimes I wish I was born 15 years 
earlier to experience the full effect of the Cold War
at it's height!

This glitch is a heavily horizontally-stretched grab of my IE window
when it became all bewildered and confused. Poor dear!
Microsoft's Mission Statement, instead of being "A computer
on every desktop", should have been "A stinking pile of
error-spewing cardboard on every enslavement-station". Actually,
I shouldn't be rude like that - code is actually very hard to
write, especially if you want it bug-free! (Just thought I'd
patronise you all by pointing that out.) Are we done, good,
that's enough words, so here's the picture:


A very nice new glitch has arrived in the BIT BUCKET
of the crash/screen-redraw variety. (Blue blocks)

And I've scanned some amazing electron microscope images of 
metal slip patterns which I found in a beautiful little book
I picked up in a charity shop this afternoon.
Click METAL (orange blocks).

Went to the GameOn exhibition at the Barbican, London.
I was disappointed by my performance on Galaxians, but
made up for it with the high score on Missile Command.
Breakout on the Atari was really hypnotising. There was
an installation by Scanner and Friendchip, but it didn't
have sufficiently causal feedback to human input to be
satisfying. The other main installation, Ping, was a fake
game, but actually quite enjoyable. Mooncresta was as
irritatingly difficult as ever. The entrance fee was very
high, which is why we stayed for about 4 hours to get
our money's worth!

This glitch occurred when I selected Print Preview in GSView.
It should have been a neat page of equations typeset with LaTeX,
but instead I got something altogether more interesting!


I'm in the mood for giving advice today, so if anyone needs help
with their life in some abstract way, drop me an email for
some impartial, potentially dangerous psychobabble nonsense.

I've had a little chat with my evil psychiatrist, and we've
agreed it's OK to be subnormal. That's a relief. I can get on
with the rest of my life now. I have four little projects I'd
like to do, and they're all vacuous and meaningless,
but I'm comfortable with that now. Three of them are graphics
programming related, so excuse me if updates to the BLOG here
are a little less regular. I've actually been doing quite a lot
on the site during the last two months, and what goes up must
fall sideways, as they say in Styria!

Something different is happening inside my brain this week.

Something spectral happened to my browser when looking at Altavista. I know,
I promise to stick with Google from now on. In case you're new to the site,
yes, I do change the colours of the glitches (to make them fit my warped sense
of aesthetic), but I never edit the structure, other than cropping and stretching
horizontally or vertically. Remember, you cannot have half a pixel!

glitch type: APP/IE title: TEWLEUN

Golden Jubilee day today!

So, just to recap, the Queen of England (mother of the late Princess Diana),
is 100 years old today. 

To celebrate this joyous occasion, here is one of my glitch-art offerings
on the "light-and-frothy" side. Note the patriotic use of red, white and blue.
It's always instructive to force a VIC20 to execute code bytes from an avi file.

glitch type: EMU/VIC20/BAD_INPUT title: INT VEER, RECX TERE

Remember, you cannot have half a pixel! It is either 0 or 1 
(or 2 occasionally due to quantum burrowing effects).
Oh, where will it all end? You realise it's all pointless,
of course. If only flowers were binary, they wouldn't need
pruning, because you cannot have half a pixel!

On weightier matters, the Queen is 100 this weekend or something nice.
Lots of people are celebrating. The Queen has been ruling England
for 25 years today. Of course, I remember 1977, her Silver Jubilee,
which was to celebrate her ruling the World for 25 years to the day,
this weekend. Just imagine - she's now 50 years old next month.
The Queen. Cor. What would we do without her? Wrong question - one
should be asking oneself what one should do with one now that one
voted her to power in 1977, when we celebrated her 25th birthday.
Of course, in the olden days we celebrated her Jubilees on the second
Monday of every month, come rain or shine or smog. She quickly racked
up 100 Queen bonus points for reaching the ripe old age of 100 before
her 25th birthday. But nowadays, with a faux-Playstation-ethic in
our society demographics, the time-bomb of unopened Jubilee celebrations
could prove to be a ticking time-bomb of literally unopened Jubilee

God I'm bored. Heres a black square with some grey-to-white (variable)
pixels in it somewhere. I like it. I don't know if you like it. If I
did, I'd be on TV. Oh I wish I was famous. I really aspire to being on
TV and having my rubbish turned over by journalists. Yes, I strongly
believe that being famous would add to my quality of life and make
me deeply happy and satisfied with life. Here's the plan: I do lots
of these midget rectangles of glitch images. Then I print them up
on a rusty dot-matrix printer and sell them on the interweb to lots
of people. Then, when 10% of the population have one of my prints
on the wall, I am deemed to be famous. At this point I start to get
recognised in the street. People occasionally throw money at me because
I've brightened their day. Now I start to develop super-human powers. I
find it easy to cure the sick and maimed. Small animals are instinctively
drawn towards my presence. And so on. I know, it sounds like paradise,
and also a little far-fetched. But check this out - Tracy Emin has actually
acheived all this and more in her short life of only 22 years so far.

glitch type: ? title: LFTLLIFFFTTLTTFTFFFLLL

The VIC20 is truly a marvellous consumer product. I  hear they still
sell them in Japan from futuristic vending machines.

glitch type: EMU title: AEBHILLE